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Seriously Smashed

is a unique resource for young people, parents and those working with young people. It explores the risks of drinking too much and highlights such issues as reckless behaviour, sex under the influence, breaking the law, bullying and violence.

Project Aims

Issues relating to binge drinking have been around a long time! However social media has added an entirely new dynamic. Parties can be broadcast across the internet and so can the fallout!

This website was developed in consultation with young people who identified social media and Real Stories as the best ways to deliver messages regarding the harms of binge drinking.

This resource is aimed at Young People under 18 who may be binge drinking and putting themselves at risk of alcohol related harm.

Binge drinking is “drinking too much on a single occasion.” So what is too much?  Well this can be more than 4 standard drinks, drinking continuously over several days, and/or drinking to get drunk.

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