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Young people will experiment with alcohol. It is a normal developmental phase of exploration and risk taking. There are a number of important things we can do to help them stay safe during this time.

The Real Stories

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Around one in six young people aged 14 or older put themselves at risk of alcohol related injury from a single drinking occasion at least once a week.

Seriously Smashed provides tools for parents to increase their awareness of current issues relating to young people and binge drinking, the use of social media and potential impact of both.

Young People

To show the impact of social media, including Facebook and YouTube, the Young People’s page features a staged party. Facebook is used to tell the story of Jess’ party and how it all went wrong. This is not meant to be a typical party. The objective was to develop an engaging resource for young people that highlights issues such as risk taking, social media, sex under the influence, bullying, breaking the law and alcohol charged violence. Refer to Young People for more information to access this resource.

Real Stories

This section showcases interviews with young people who have experienced the negative impacts of Binge Drinking.

Below are links to useful resources that may assist in further developing your understanding of this issue, including your legal responsibilities.

Please refer to links below –

Drug Education Network Tips for safe parties and other useful information. Teen Drinking Law A great resource for finding out all about young people, alcohol and preventing harm. Parenting Strategies A website to help parents manage challenging issues, including alcohol and drug misuse, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Young People and Alcohol A fact sheet from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). Drink Wise Australia Establishing rules for teenage drinking, tell tale signs, open discussions, teens, parties and peer pressure. Australian Drug Foundation Legalities around secondary supply and the responsibilities of the parent or adult. Tasmania Police Youth and Alcohol brochure. Young People page Refer to the Young People page on this site for more information.