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When you’re into Binge Drinking you just don’t have any sense of value for yourself. I just don’t want other young people to go through what I did

The Real Stories

For a lot of young people, parties and drinking are part of life. It’s exciting, all your mates are doing it and no matter how big the night was, no real harm’s been done.

However it is not always like that. There is always an element of risk involved in drinking too much. Things can get out of hand, you can find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, you think you’re invincible. All of a sudden things have happened that will stick with you forever.

Here are some real stories from young people who experienced some life changing moments as a result of binge drinking.

About the Young Peoplein the Real Stories

Glenorchy City Council and the Seriously Smashed reference group would like to sincerely thank all the young people who shared their real stories.

All ethical processes have been followed and permissions have been obtained for the video footage contained in the Real Stories.

The young people interviewed are all engaged in ongoing evaluation and monitoring processes.

Given the sensitive nature of these stories, we ask you to please maintain their privacy and remain confidential about what you hear within these videos.

Stigma andDiscrimination

Users of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs routinely experience stigma as a result of their drug/alcohol use.

This stigma is often compounded by other areas of their life in which they also experience stigma such as homelessness, lack of financial security and so on.

To read more about discrimination visit