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Many young people feel pressured to engage in risky behaviours because of the belief that “everyone is doing it”. But when they look at the real figures and see most people are not then they feel empowered to say NO.

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What is Seriously Smashed?

Seriously Smashed is a flexible resource.

Youth workers, social workers, teachers and other educators can use Seriously Smashed as a workshop tool and/or an effective resource for interventions and group work with young people.

It can be used in the following ways:

  • To educate young people about alcohol
  • To discuss problems that result from uncontrolled drinking
  • As a reference for information about alcohol
  • To guide parents and workers to relevant information
  • To develop knowledge, understanding and skills to enable young people to engage with a range of health contexts and issues

Young People

The information below provides examples of how the content in ‘Young People’ can be used to engage and educate young people.


‘Sex’ highlights the various situations a young person might find themselves in when alcohol is a contributing factor. It examines such issues as peer pressure, bullying and the potential dangers of social media when related to sexual activity.

Working with young people:

Using this content will allow you to work with young people to negotiate positive and respectful relationships, manage changing relationships and respect and value others

Issues for exploration:

  • Effects of alcohol on decision making
  • Respectful relationships
  • Understanding of sexual content
  • Capacity to practice safe sex

Looking after mates

‘Looking after mates’ recognises the importance of friends in situations where alcohol is present. It promotes such behaviour as sticking together and being aware of the potential health risks.

Working with young people:

Using this resource will allow you to work with young people to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to be resilient

Issues for exploration:

  • What are young people’s reasons for drinking?
  • How a young person can avoid getting drunk if their friends are drinking heavily
  • How friends can help each other avoid drink driving and travelling with drunk drivers


‘Trouble’ offers advice to help young people host successful, controlled parties. It looks at how best to invite guests, the dangers of social media and minimising the impact of alcohol.

Working with young people:

This page aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to enable the young person to critically analyse the range of factors that influence their wellbeing choices and outcomes

Issues for exploration:

  • How did Jess’s party get out of control?
  • How did the group members contribute to the trouble?
  • What could have been done to prevent/minimise the trouble?

Getting smashed

‘Getting smashed’ recognises that young people will most likely have exposure to alcohol and provides advice regarding how to reduce the likelihood of harm

Working with young people:

The content encourages young people to develop links between alcohol and potential health and behavioural impacts

Issues for exploration:

  • The responsibilities associated with drinking and hosting/attending parties
  • Alternatives to drinking
  • Myths regarding alcohol and drinking


‘Reckless’ examines how binge drinking can affect behaviour and lower inhibitions. It provides advice for drinking amounts less likely to result in regretful behaviour.

Working with young people:

The content will allow you to empower young people to access and understand information and make health enhancing decisions

Issues for exploration:

  • Consequences (benefits and risks)
  • Motivations for drinking
  • The role of alcohol in young people’s lives

Violence and Fighting

‘Violence and Fighting’ encourages young people to identify tense, potentially violent situations and act accordingly.

Working with young people:

The content will allow you to work with young people to explore the personal, social, cultural and environmental factors that influence such situations

Issues for exploration:

  • Why people become aggressive and violent when drunk
  • What young people might do in a situation where someone is becoming aggressive
  • Is being drunk an excuse for bad behaviour?

Explore the resources in ‘Young People’

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